The use of water-based coatings on exterior frames and shutters is now commonplace, thanks to the numerous advantages such coatings provide: reduced emissions of solvents into the atmosphere; short application times; excellent elasticity of the coating film and resistance to temperature changes and atmospheric agents; maximum coatability and absence of any risk of self-combustion on the part of the spray fumes.

The backdrop to the formulation of the new coatings is that many manufacturers are now demanding nothing less than state-of-the-art products in terms of durability, the cost of the original raw materials notwithstanding. This challenge was instrumental in defining the approach of ICA's laboratories to researching and refining its product using state-of-the-art simulation programs that allow for product performance to be tested thoroughly by exposing the products to accelerated ageing cycles.

Today, the ARBOREA range represents the perfect combination of rock-solid protection and long-lasting beauty.The products in the ARBOREA range provide such high levels of quality because they:

a) Contain preservatives that impede the proliferation of fungi and mold

b) Contain pigments and UV filters that protect the wooden surface and impede the yellowing and vetrification of the coating film

c) undergo strict internal laboratory testing, not just during the experimental phase but also through subsequent sampling of individual batches, to ensure consistency of production are also tested to external bodies in accordance with stringent regulatory frameworks (including EU standard UNI EN 927) relating to the classification of exterior coating products


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