PONSSE to launch advanced harvester solutions at LIGNA 2019

Monday, May 6, 2019    Forestry technology specialists PONSSE will showcase its latest innovations WAHLERS Forsttechnik at the fair ground and exhibit the new rugged and highly efficient harvesting machine suitable for cutting trees. Plenty of farmers are expected to throng the LIGNA 2019 as it scheduled during the asparagus season in the month of May.

Farmers are expected to explore the harvesting machines at the fair ground. The trade fair is scheduled to open its gate in the month of May with a host of machinery and wood products. Heavy machines will be displayed at the trade fair to attract manufacturers and buyers based in the European countries. The forestry industry is forever in need of robust equipment. LIGNA is the mecca of forestry specialists where WAHLERS Forsttechnik.

PONSSE harvesters and forwarders are the world’s leading machine logging technology that boasts maximum efficiency. The company’s exhibits in Hannover are set to include the new PONSSE Bison, which PONSSE recently unveiled at its in-house trade fair. Also new is Active Crane, designed to enable users to control the gripper directly instead of having to operate the main and outer booms separately. The new PONSSE Cobra harvester is a further trade fair highlight, delivering a particularly efficient solution for regular quantities of small to medium-sized trees. WAHLERS will be offering more information on what it has in store for LIGNA 2019 shortly before the start of the fair.

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