Metalube Metalife: introduces new press lubrication solution for wood panel sector

Tuesday, April 30, 2019    Celebrated press lubrication producer Metalube introduced a new product range that may be perfectly used in high temperature under continuous press in the wood panel industry. This new collection includes chain and belt oils, and these new greases further strengthen Metalube’s range of products towards a complete solution for continuous press lubrication.

Metalife™ was recently developed in association with the wood panel manufacturers who identified pervasive issues with grease run off from high-temperature bearings. Metalube engaged cutting edge technology to create a bearing lubricant capable of withstanding extreme temperatures and aggressive chemical environments. Metalife™ lubricant is a fully synthetic, perfluorinated grease that employs an optimised base oil, thickener and proprietary additive system to deliver outstanding resistance to thermo-oxidative degradation at temperatures of up to 280°C. The product is resistant to most aggressive chemicals such as acids, alkalis, solvents and oxidising agents allowing it to be used where conventional products will fail.

Metalube’s Matthew Buffin says: “We are constantly working with our customers to improve efficiency through high performance technical solutions and where possible will create products for highly bespoke applications. Following intensive testing in application the product has been welcomed by our customers as a fantastic solution to their initial issue”

The new Metalube Metalife™ lubricant is best suited for use in ball bearings where it is able to significantly outperform conventional greases, especially where high temperatures and chemical exposure occurs.

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