New product line from Sistemi to be launched at LIGNA 2019

Tuesday, April 30, 2019    Sistemi will participate in the leading fair for the wood industry in May at LIGNA 2019 to exhibit their latest tools and technology. At the international exhibition, scheduled from May 27 to 31 at Hannover in Germany, Sistemi is gearing up to display their new products and sawmill technology. Sistemi, one of the leading machinery as well as provider for customised solutions for wood and panel production will display their products in Hall 12 Booth E 75.

Sistemi’s LIGNA collection will include the following tools, namely;

TRIMATIC 22,4 for “LAMELLO CABINO” drilling: This new drilling jig will allow the user to make three distinguished holes in a single pass for inserting the new furniture connector “Lamello Cabino” by making use of a portable or pillar drill. This drill is especially for artisan and craftsman who do not use the CNC router machine.

TRIMATIC SUPER 22,4 for “LAMELLO CABINO” drilling: TRIMATIC SUPER is a unique and innovative instrument for the workshop of Sistemi. This tool is equipped to solve several issues with craftsmen and ensure effective fittings of hinges and door locks. At present, there are 8 types of TRIMATIC SUPER available in different pattern and these are suitable for common hinges of Salice, Grass, Ferrari, Haefele, Blum,etc.

NEW SAWBLADES for PVC and plastic cut: the all new advanced blade is suitable to work both on electric drills and on CNC routers. The sawblade will help in cutting through HW, HS and DP tools for aluminium, plastic and merged materials. In the case of large-scale production, SISTEMI offers tools with KleinDIA special coating. KleinDIA is a special DLC (Diamond-like Carbon) anti-friction coating uniquely developed for large-scale production as it allows to solve problems of tool abrasion, chip evacuation and chemical attack. It leads to a very low friction coefficient, plastic and aluminium working are also improved and can be made without coolant, ensuring a higher safety to the operators and the highest reliability and efficiency.

New COUNTERSINK with adjustable depth: the new highly professional hole saws for excellent results not only on wood but also on fibreglass, plasterboard and plastic materials. Among the boring bits and slot mortising bits, there are drill bits, hole saws, twist bits, countersinks, Anuba step drills, hinge boring bits, Forstner bits, mortising bits and so on.

The brand Klein is synonymous with the production of high quality tools. They have invested in developing the latest technology and in training, which they will exhibit at LIGNA show floor. Visitors will get a scope to explore the functioning ability of the tools in the industry. Today, Sistemi exports its products to more than 60 countries around the world and is known as one of the leading retailers in the woodworking sector known for offering absolute “customer satisfaction” with innovative products and varied tools.

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